Who tests your emergency plans?

A service for all our clients – putting your plans in expert hands

GSTS is offering the opportunity to test existing emergency and contingency plans, or to develop new plans which expose staff to emergencies in a controlled, safe environment that will benefit the organisation concerned, the staff who need the skills to respond to an emergency and particularly the customers who would be effected by any emergency.

GSTS want to provide its staff and clients always with the best opportunity to respond positively to any emergency and will consider running the exercises in response to a new contract, changing circumstances or customer need.

For many years, we have run exercises in the Public and Private sector, at Retail sites, in Commercial organisations and at major sporting venues.

Always focused on skills and the development of the organisation concerned, the training is custom designed for each site. Individuals are put in the situation, and get the direct experience of the training, but it is the organisation that gets the most benefit.

By staff knowing what response is expected in an unexpected situation, they can minimise the negative effect of an emergency and importantly any interruption to normal operations is minimised.

GSTS Managing Director Ian Clarke explains:

This new service is an exciting departure from the static way of testing such plans. Our approach is dynamic and it is a major plus factor for all our clients that wish to test their plans.

This is a bespoke and highly confidential service. Please speak to our office on 0151 707 0007 to arrange an initial discussion.