Fire Awareness Courses | North West

Fire Awareness Courses at GSTS security and sia training

Up to 12 students – £385.00 plus VAT

Tuesday 29th August – Monday 25th September

This is a half day course designed to give students an understanding of Fire Safety in the workplace. Please ring our office for individual rates. Book early – limited places available. This course can be delivered at our training academy or at your workplace.

The course will cover:

– Fires in the workplace

– Arson

– Preventing Arson

– Fires by types of building

– The fire triangle

– Fire Hazards

– Fire spread

– Flashover

– Backdraft

– Fire safety standards

– Employees duties

– Enforcement and penalties

– Protecting people and property

– Fire safety standards (alarms)

– Protecting people and property (physical factors)

– Protecting people and property (escape)

– Fire classification

– Methods of extinguishing fire

– Fire extinguishers

– Information on fire extinguishers

– Only attempt to fight a fire if….

– Operating an extinguisher

– Do not attempt to fight a fire if….

– Fixed firefighting installations

– Fire risk assessments

– Fire risk assessments – the five steps

– Fire procedures

– Action in the event of fire

– Contractors

– Good housekeeping

– Fire signs and symbols

– Role of the fire warden


You can pay your deposit in cash at the GSTS Training Centre by appointment or you can pay by BACS or Paypal over the phone. Please call 0151 707 0007 to arrange.