Supporting our client and helping the homeless

site protected by GSTS security and SIA training

GSTS showing our commitment to our client and our officers. On Thursday night, the GSTS management team joined our officers patrolling three of our clients car parks in Liverpool city centre.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for our clients customers through the prevention and detection of car crime is our main priority but there are other challenges too, especially assisting Liverpool’s homeless community.

Mayor Joe Anderson is committed to reducing homelessness and helping rough sleepers. Our officers meet many vulnerable people during their patrols and always deal with them in a compassionate and friendly manner. We understand rough sleepers are often desperate for help.

During the night, the management team visited homeless shelters at Labre House in Camden Street and Hatton Garden to offer support to both the fantastic staff and the dozens of service users. Earlier in the day our managers also visited the Whitechapel Centre in Langsdale Street who do fantastic work with the homeless.

A ‘born and bred’ Liverpool company, GSTS recognises the importance of giving our cities vulnerable people a helping hand as well as offering our clients a first class security service.