Health and Safety Awareness course

Hardhats at a health and safety awareness course in Liverpool provided by gsts

It is vital that hazards in the workplace can be identified as a way to reduce risks. Our 1-day Health and Safety Awareness course helps employees to recognise and identify hazards and risks that surround them on a daily basis. Anyone attending the course will be made aware of their own duties regarding their own health and safety and how their responsibilities and actions can affect others around them.

In addition to highlighting self-awareness and hazards the aim of the course is to give a summary of health and safety in the workplace. The course will include information regarding what employers need to be doing for their employees as well as making sure that the individual knows what is required of them if they are concerned over any issues regarding their own, and others health and safety.

The core skill s successful candidates take with them are:

– Understand the importance of preventing accidents

– Have a basic understanding of the health and safety law

– Understand why risk assessments and method statements are necessary

– Obligations regarding unsafe activities to prevent accidents

– The importance of working safely and asking for help and guidance in times of uncertainty

– Recognising the importance of their role and how it relates to controlling and managing the rest of the site

Please contact the office on 0151 707 0007 for further details.