Control and Restraint Course

Members of GSTS’s staff who are deployed at one of our NHS contracts in South Manchester, recently attended a Control and Restraint course delivered by Paul Rogan of Robert Peel International. The course was backed up by legal modules, including decision making, specific to the health sector, taught by associate trainer John Myles.

This specialist course allows our staff to supports the work of exceptional, caring and professional individuals operating within the NHS and dealing with some difficult, challenging and complex situations.

Our CEO Dave Potts explains the rationale behind the training,

“Our officers deployed on our Specialist Security Presence contracts provide person-centred care that minimises the need for restraint. However we are often met with highly volatile situations. It is vitally important that our officers understand how to minimise the risks if restraint has to be used. This course is absolutely unique as we make sure that our officers have a decision making model that they can use in all circumstances”.