GSTS and SSC launch new partnership

GSTS are proud to announce that they have commenced a partnership with Safety Support Consultants of Liverpool, to undertake a full audit and assessment of all GSTS sites around the UK. Dave Potts, GSTS CEO explains;

“For some time, I have felt that the security industry has mostly given lip service to their health and safety obligations, with most risk assessments being generic and basic. As a company pushing the boundaries in everything we do, I want our site documentation to be the best and most comprehensive in the country”.

During 2019 GSTS, became one of the first security companies to achieve the coveted ISO 45001 accreditation which covers occupational health and safety. Dave explains further, “Achieving 45001 and our Integrated Management System was a major step forward for us and we feel that having external scrutiny and challenge from experts such as SSC puts us on a different level than our competitors”.

Having a strong foothold in the Food and Drink Sector with twelve separate sites across the UK, Dave is very conscious of the risks involved;

“Six weeks before we took over a site in West Yorkshire there was a major fire. Thankfully no one was killed or injured, but it really brought home to me the risks of volatile substances used in the food and drink industry. It became obvious to me that we needed to equip our officers with every resource we could”.

Peter McGinty a Director of Safety Support Consultants, is equally pleased with the partnership with GSTS;

“We were extremely impressed with the way GSTS have approached this partnership as its refreshing to see that they have identified a need in their own industry and have set out to change it. The rapid growth of the company means that their risks have also increased. We are looking forward to this partnership as it develops and flourishes”.