Covid-19 Client Information Notice

GSTS Covid-19 Client Information Notice


Due to the escalation of Covid-19, we thought it sensible to state our assurances to our clients around staff provision levels.

GSTS like any other organisation, prides itself on the calibre of staff it provides and the service they provide.

We face an unprecedented set of circumstances that are bringing nations to a standstill and taking large proportions of the operating population of the UK out of use. This has been swift, without notice and without foreseeable (at the moment) return dates.


What are we doing about it?

GSTS believes that as a responsible supplier we need to follow the Government’s advice to facilitate the isolation of persons and to stop the spread of Covid-19.


Health and Safety

We are issuing regular updates on the advice and measures we are taking as a business. Copies of these can be made directly available to avoid confusion or delay. They are available direct to officers via our ATLAS platform.

These are being re-enforced locally by Contract Managers and supervision in collaboration with client procedures where communicated.

All staff have had Covin-19 Awareness training to assist with procedures and protocol. All supervisors completed online Covid-19 awareness course.


Management Access Options

Some clients have requested non-essential personnel to remain away from the site, but we are keeping operational contact and management presence via a number of remote technical resources.


Staff Levels and Operational Output

At the moment we do not envisage any issues with maintaining staffing levels. We have implemented our Operation Resolve procedure and implemented the following.

  1. All staff have received a briefing in relation to Covid19 symptoms and guidance around treatment and isolation and reporting procedures.
  2. Site managers and supervisors have been fully briefed regarding actions in the event of an individual presenting with symptoms.
  3. Preventative regimes have been implemented and are monitored by supervisors.
  4. Reported absences from the workplace will be immediately communicated to the GSTS Duty Incident Manager who will assess and determine resourcing requirements.
  5. Duty Manager will then implement if appropriate our mobilisation plan – Operation Resolve.
  6. Our Operational Resolve capability delivers fully trained and accredited officers, to the point of need.
  7. We have modelled our resilience to various levels of absenteeism of staff and supervisors up to and including 100%.
  8. We have established welfare support procedures for all staff and their families.
  9. Our existing Employee assistance programme provides ongoing assistance for all relevant needs.
  10. Performance, attendance and impact are reviewed as part of our daily operational cycle.