ESSO Course

GSTS ESSO course

GSTS is extremely proud to report that its unique Enhanced Supervision Security Officer (ESSO) course has been accredited by Open Awards.

A job as complex, challenging and diverse as the ESSO officer requires a new and more relevant set of skills and behaviours. Delivering security services within the healthcare sector requires officers to apply a more client centred service whilst dealing with difficult, challenging and volatile situations.

The shift in mindset from previous security roles is key. Despite dealing with volatile and confrontational situations, officers need to understand that they are often dealing with a person in crisis as opposed to an individual determined to cause them and others problems.

Our initial analysis of the existing bed watch officer role revealed that training was completely inadequate leaving the client and the provider vulnerable to complaint, criticism, and litigation.

GSTS commissioned a team of experts and specialist trainers to design a course that equipped officers to deliver a service which supported health care professionals and met the needs of patients and their families.

Our three-day program is delivered by a training team comprising Mental Health professionals and Crisis and Conflict resolution experts. The program is a blend of theory, paper feed exercises and practical scenarios which increase in complexity.

Officers are assessed throughout the program and by way of final written examination. It is a pass/fail course.

The course content includes:

– Enhanced mental health awareness

– Mental Health Act legislation including Human rights and use of force

– Advanced crisis communication and listening skills

– Behavioural analysis

– Cognitive skills and decision making

– Situational risk analysis

– A range of tactical skills including sector specific restraint techniques.

Please contact Stuart Lindsay on 0151 707 0007.