GSTS saves NHS Trust £600K

Health Trust Chief Executive heralds (GSTS) Specialist Security Presence which has led to £600k saving and vastly improved service.

Blog from Mandy Bailey, Chief Executive – 17th February 2020.

Since September 2018, Wythenshawe Hospital has been using a specialist security contractor (GSTS) for heightened observation services, in a joint initiative between the WTWA Estates team and our Matrons. The (GSTS) officers provided are trained in mental health and capacity decisions, advanced conflict resolution and healthcare appropriate control and restraint; covering heightened observation as well as proactive response and review of requests.

This proactive security management and the improved way in which officers are working with clinical and mental health colleagues has led to reduced numbers of heightened observation shifts. As well as delivering an improved service to our staff and patients, this has also reduced spend from around £1 million in 2016 to around £408k in 2020. This is all at the same time that the hospital is seeing more patients coming through ED with mental health needs. I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in the successful introduction and implementation of this model. It’s an excellent example of how we can all find innovative solutions to the challenges we’re facing, and how meeting our financial targets is everyone’s responsibility.