My journey so far with GSTS…

By Lloyd Burchall – Healthcare Security Officer

My name is Lloyd Burchall, I am 50 years of age and originally from Bermuda which I am proud to always remind people is Britain’s oldest Colony.

I have recently started with GSTS as a Healthcare Security Officer, based in south Manchester, Wythenshawe Hospital. Prior to beginning my Career with GSTS I had suffered some serious health issues that unfortunately resulted in me becoming unemployed and subsequently homeless. 

After a very difficult period in my life and in my continued attempts to gain employment I was enrolled on an SIA course for Door Supervision via the Wythenshawe job centre. GSTS held a presentation and awareness day shortly after where I met members of the leadership and healthcare team. I was offered an interview where we discussed my experience and my aspirations and I was really pleased when I was contacted later that week with an offer to join the security team at Wythenshawe Hospital.

This opportunity really meant the world to me and I aimed to take it with both hands. After carrying out my initial training shifts and successfully passing my site induction and training programme I was allocated to the COVID-19 support team enforcing the restrictions in place for the healthcare environment. 

The role can be challenging, demanding but also very rewarding and I am very proud to have received several positive accounts of feedback from MFT staff, patients and visitors.

I was once again very pleased and proud to have my efforts and performance acknowledged by my manager which then lead to the offer to join the core hospital team on a permanent full-time basis. This role has provided me the opportunity to enrol on a vast amount of training in such a short space of time, inclusive of a 3-day accredited Control and Restraint Course bespoke for our MFT ESSO duties. The training has given me the confidence to tackle difficult situations within the hospital environment but also, I feel it has helped me to grow into a stronger and more positive individual. 

Although I am experienced in other employment areas, I am relatively new to healthcare environment but feel that my life skills have been beneficial in the key ability to understand and empathise with patients and visitors. I believe these skills have been instrumental in my successful career so far and fits in with the ethos of the team of offering the safest and highest standards of service possible.

As a result of gaining employment with GSTS through their relationship with the local job centre and support services, I am very happy to be able to say I now have my own home and feel that this is just the start for me.

I am very thankful for the opportunity and for the support I have received so far from my colleges, supervisor and management team. It really has changed my life for the better and I look forward to continuing to develop with the company.