The GSTS Annual Plan 2021

GSTS Annual Plan 2021

It is a pleasure to present to you our Business Plan for 2021. During 2020 despite the restrictions of COVID-19 we achieved significant growth. Both fiscally and numbers of employees. The progress we have made in three years I believe to be exceptional and testament to many long hours of commitment by frontline staff, supervisors, and managers. 

We have become a recognised provider of high quality, cost effective solutions to the security industry, driving efficiency and cost savings throughout our contracts.

Financial integrity and prudence have continued us enable us to integrate sustainability into all we do. We were assisted greatly by our professional partners and advisors and through the goodwill and the ethical policies of some key clients. 

During 2020 we were able to cement our position as being one of the UK’s leading providers of Healthcare Security. We did this by targeting every aspect of the service provision we could offer. Our strategy was based around the following steps:

–  We decided to employ two experienced NHS Security Managers with in-depth knowledge of NHS processes and procedures.

–  We developed our exclusive CAPTURE system to provide real time collection and reporting of incident information to better inform decision making. 

–  We designed and had accredited our unique Enhanced Supervision Security Officer course (ESSO) which was created exclusively for the needs of the Manchester Foundation Trust.

–  We worked with the DWP to instigate a pathway to employment for the long term unemployed in the South Manchester area.

–  We continued our policy of ‘giving back’, investing in our staff and doing everything with the tangible intent to save costs to our clients.

–  We opened a Manchester office as our 24-hour control room.

I am extremely proud of all the hard work the company has been able to put into our ambition’s in the Healthcare Sector. It has positioned us for even greater success.

At GSTS we are committed to serving our staff and clients in the best way possible. 

This plan, to take us through 2021 and into 2022 is therefore a challenge to ourselves to continue our momentum, and to stick to our core values. I am now even more certain we will accomplish it.

For 2021, I have focused next year’s goals as below, each with separate targets. 

1. Our people and training first 

2. A performance-based culture 

3. Developing the GSTS brand

4. Specialist Training 

5. Transparency and Accountability 

6. Continued Growth 

Dave Potts