Ashley recognised at National Awards

Ashley House at the National Awards

We are delighted to announce that Ashley House has been recognised for Innovation in Healthcare at the Annual Healthcare Security Awards 2022. His runner up award was announced at the National Association for Healthcare Security annual conference held in Birmingham on the 4th November 2022.

Ashley explains;

“In healthcare in the UK we have a vibrant and diverse population, speaking hundreds of languages. Regardless of their background or their native language we have a duty of care to ensure we communicate effectively to give the right information or a communication of action which in turn may reduce the frustrations leading to behaviour which when escalated can be aggressive or abusive. It can at times take many hours or even a day or so to arrange for an interpreter.”

Ashley came up with an idea of security officers carrying translation cards as he noticed that with some patients that there was an increase of behavioural issues where language problems became a massive barrier.

Ashley continues;

“We make every attempt to locate other staff or officers that spoke that language – we do have many officers who speak multiple languages however we are not always able to assist. One word spoken in their language could be a game-changer. I came up with the idea of translation cards for officers to carry (pocket-sized) to initially find out what they need. The good thing about the cards is that they can be used by any person from any background and require no ability with technology, to communicate with persons where there is a language barrier. The officers don’t even have to speak the word they can just show a word or a phrase that a patient will understand, and this will help to bridge a relationship between the patient and security. This can be a vital interim solution for immediate information needing to be passed to the patient by nursing staff”.