Executive protection dogs | North West

Ged Cooke, our Operations Director, gives an insight into the world of executive protection dogs

At GSTS we understand that for a variety of reasons our clients may wish to improve the security surrounding themselves and their families. When required a trained protection dog provides a subtle yet devastatingly effective solution – yet with all the benefits of also owning a loving family pet.

These dogs are friendly and completely safe as a family pet, they are trained to act and intervene if their home or family is threatened in any way. Their protection training lasts a lifetime and will kick in when needed even if years have gone by when their skills have not been required.

All protection dogs supplied by GSTS are highly trained K9 companions and protectors that are social and impeccably mannered, well versed in obedience, yet able to provide tangible security to their owners and family.

These executive level personal and family protection dogs receive far more in-depth training and are trained to deal with threats that may affect high net worth individuals. Their training is far more intense and prepares them for accompanying their future owners to all sorts of different environments, where they will have to be impeccably behaved but also prepared to deal with a problem at the drop of a hat should they arise, irrespective of where they may occur.

It is not unusual for these dogs to work alongside a family’s in-house security team. These highly trained canines, having passed through our standard level are then taught many other disciplines including defending against multiple attackers, targeting weapon arms and protecting owners against situations such as car-jacking, just to mention a few.

The training for all GSTS supplied executive dogs is finely tailored to meet clients’ exact requirements. However, typically all our executive level dogs are well versed in the following:

– On and off lead heelwork

– Sit, down and stay

– Recall and present

– Left finish/cut-off

– Emergency down

– Speak on command

– Deterrent on command

– On lead protection

– Off lead protection

– Interception off lead

– Criminal guarding

– Other requirements subject to client’s needs

– Protecting against attacks from multiple assailants

– Targeting weapon arms

– Defending against car-jacking

It is important to note that even our most highly capable protection dogs are first selected and conditioned to be wonderful, happy family companions and behave in the main as an obedient pet, while retaining the ability to switch into protection mode if and when a situation dictates.

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