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GSTS employees at a decision making course in Liverpool Norfolk Street

Every member of an organisation has to make numerous decisions each and every day.

It is estimated that only 1% of managers receive any training in this vital function.

Getting the decision wrong can have a serious impact both in terms of lost opportunity or exposure to harm or risk.

Implementing a structured approach to decision making has a number of clear and tangible benefits, particularly in stressful situations where the cognitive process can be impaired.

The GSTS decision-making model, is based on that which is used by United Kingdom emergency services.

Developing the skills of the decision maker and enhancing their lateral thinking and analytical skills in terms of consideration of risk and opportunity is vital, so too is the need to develop the ability to identify workable strategies to achieve the desired outcome.



The GSTS model introduces necessary safeguards to ensure any proposed course of action accords with relevant, legislation, organisational policy and procedure.

Further the model encourages the decision maker to consider and evaluate a range of potential solutions and provide clear rationalise for their choice.

Our model can be used at all levels of the organisation strategic, operational and tactical.

The application of the process of decision making can help ensure accountability for and defensibility of, actions taken.

Our immersive training provides individuals the opportunity to experience and apply the process in realistic workplace scenarios.

Developing confidence in the use of the model can overcome one major risk in the decision-making process – the decision that isn’t made!

The model is not only used for making decisions but for assessing, evaluating and reviewing the decisions of others. It can also be used to improve future decisions and improve performance and delivery.

To arrange a course for your organisation please contact Dave Potts for further details.

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