Critical Incident Management course

Critical incident management course at GSTS North West

Responding to a critical incident or multiple incidents in a way that accords with the purpose, vision and values of your organisation is challenging.

Failing to get this response right can have greater consequences than the incident itself. Managing a critical incident successfully can only come from effective leadership.

Whenever an incident which has the likelihood to escalate into a critical incident is identified, it should be addressed promptly and efficiently.

At GSTS we have a team of highly experienced senior managers with years of experience of developing the strategic and tactical response to critical incidents.

A critical incident is defined as:

Any incident which has or (has the potential) to have a significant impact on the risk, reputation, resilience or revenue of the organisation. Including the organisation’s personnel, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. 

At GSTS we instigate a three phased approach to all critical incidents, as illustrated in the diagram below:

CIM radial. Gsts | Liverpool


Preparation requires Senior Managers to consider existing management structures to ensure that, staff are effectively trained and resources are available, and that the overall quality of the response reflects a competent and accountable standard of incident management.


Management considers how to identify critical incidents early. This includes management processes which ensure that those incidents which may escalate, or have already escalated, into critical incidents are notified to the most appropriate person, and that they are effectively managed.


Restoring considers incidents that have had a significant impact on Physical, financial, legal and reputational aspects of the organisation.

There are some key elements which are fundamental to being able to provide this approach.

These are:

– Leadership

– Policy and Processes

– Operational Risk Management

– Training

– Partnership and Resources


At GSTS we understand that:

Every critical incident situation has unique characteristics

Every business in crisis is unique

Every critical incident response needs to be unique


Responding to critical incidents in a pro-active and meaningful way challenges many organisations, the consequences of getting it wrong have the potential to cause lasting and significant harm to organisations revenue, resilience and reputation

A major event, one that truly threatens an organisation, forces leaders to step in and respond. In this challenging and often stressful situation, getting the right thinking beforehand is incredibly difficult and can affect the ability to develop an effective response in the midst of the crisis.

Our team experts can support organisations in three distinct ways;

Critical Incident Management Support

Help from our experts during any crisis. Facilitation and technical skills to enable you to develop and coordinate the strategic response to critical events.

Critical Incident Response testing

Dynamic testing and independent evaluation of your organisations critical response plan, which assess the current capability and confidence of the organisation and the team. Thereby identifying and fixing gaps before any crisis.

Critical Incident Training

Strategic and tactical critical incident management training, specifically designed for your organisations specific risks, with a particular focus on crisis leadership and decision making for the non-linear crisis.

Please contact the office on 0151 707 0007 for further details.