GSTS appoints Jon Smith as Operations Manager

Our CEO Dave Potts announces the first of two senior appointments as we strengthen and build our Management Team.

The appointment of Jon Smith at this time is an important step forward to us. With recent major contract wins across the UK, and more in the pipeline we are now in need of a manager of Jon’s calibre to take us forward. I have worked with Jon in the past and he is diligent and precise. He knows every aspect and has been at an influential level within our industry.  Over the last few years Jon has worked with some of the major national companies and is passionate about the positive changes he wishes to make.

This is the first appointment of two senior managers and I feel that the old saying of ‘best team on the pitch’ is becoming a reality for GSTS. It has always been vitally important for me that managers are omnicompetent and committed totally to what we are trying to achieve as a team. It is onwards and upwards for us – watch this space!