The GSTS Annual Plan 2020

GSTS Annual Plan 2020-21

It is a pleasure to present to you our Business Plan for 2020. The publication of our first plan last year was a great success and it gave us a framework to concentrate on improving the perception of the security industry and our three-strand business strategy – AssureAspire and Assist.

During 2019 we achieved significant growth. Both fiscally and numbers of employees. The progress we have made in two years I believe to be exceptional and testament to many long hours of commitment by frontline staff, supervisors and managers.

Financial integrity has now allowed us to incorporate sustainability into all we do. We were assisted greatly by our professional partners and advisors and through the goodwill and ethical policies of some key clients. We believe to have become financially stable in such a short time is going to be the solid backbone of the company as we continue onwards and upwards.

Most of all during 2018 and into 2019 we saw the fulfilment of our ethos of encouraging our staff through specialist training. Between July and September 2019, we trained 85 frontline staff in 5 separate disciplines, some of which are unique in the industry.

To see GSTS security officers and supervisors invested in skills and techniques only ordinarily taught to senior police officers was a complete joy to me. To then receive acknowledgement from those officers that what they have been taught has transformed their approach to their roles, even more so.

In some cases, we have taken officers who have not had any training since they joined the industry and within a matter of weeks, they have attended several courses and obtained certification in specialist areas. The effect that this has on confidence and application is obvious.

The fact that at GSTS we can draw on so many talented trainers with sector specific experience at a senior command or management level has been an inspiration to us all.

I feel we now need to focus on those business lines where we can secure market-leading positions and to grow on our specialist training philosophy.

To that mind in this annual plan I have focused on five goals each with five separate objectives.

Our People and Training First

Continued Growth

Developing the GSTS brand

Specialist Training

Transparency and Accountability

I am extremely proud of all the hard work the company has put into this early stage of our growth. We often have strong viewpoints, and sometimes there can be disappointments, but we are all firmly committed to serving our staff and clients in the best way possible.

This plan, to take us through 2020 and into 2021 is therefore a challenge to ourselves to continue our momentum, and to stick to our core values.

I am now even more certain we will accomplish it.


Dave Potts