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    All our senior team have a police or military background

  • Our people drive our success

    We encourage our staff through high quality training

  • We select the best and make them better

    We care about our people and match our staff to your requirements

  • Going the ‘extra mile’ for our customers is second nature to us

    It is what we do

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    Raising standards in security since 1997


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Your most effective deterrent

Alert and well-trained security officers, with excellent communication skills are one of the most effective deterrents available. Our people are the brightest and best security guards there are.  Many, reflecting our company’s heritage, are former British military operatives, with all that that implies in terms of standards and professionalism.

Whatever the size, nature and complexity of your assignment, our team of security specialists and threat assessment experts can provide the thorough audit you will need to determine the optimal security infrastructure and support.

We will provide a detailed security plan that meets your needs and your budget and can offer an appropriate blend of the following resources:

– Manned guarding

– Commercial and industrial security

– CCTV operators

– Surveillance operatives

– Retail guarding

– Store detectives

A well-trained security officer is a visible reminder to all that people matter. The projection and delivery of a safe, secure environment means that people are happier, healthier and more productive.

As a business, you require the confidence of a partner who puts people at the heart of everything they do. At GSTS we provide you with this capability and our manned guarding services are delivered across the public and private sectors.

We provide fully vetted, accredited officers who are supported by the latest technologies to help them protect the public, your people and your premises. All are SIA licenced and benefit from the military-grade training that is one of GSTS’s hallmarks.

Call our office today for confidential discussion about your requirements: 0151 707 0007.


Our reputation is only as good as our operatives ‘in the field’ and we want our clients to be as proud of our staff as we are

Smartness, a helpful disposition and excellent communication skills are all vital attributes for the professional front of house security operative. At GSTS, we understand what our clients expect and demand. Our reputation is only as good as our operatives ‘in the field’ and we want our clients to be as proud of our staff as we are.

GSTS provides front of house security operatives for multi-occupancy office buildings and residential towers. Our officers are licensed with the security industry authority (SIA), are fully vetted and fire marshal trained. Many of our operatives come from a military background and naturally possess the gravitas, discipline, teamwork and reliability expected of a competent and well respected security professional.

Our operatives specialise in access control, fire and intruder alarm response and monitoring, CCTV, key control, meeting and greeting, switchboard call handling and postal deliveries. We maintain front of house security, monitoring movements and ensuring that only authorised people gain admittance in a friendly but authoritative manner.

Professionally presented and wearing our suits or your uniform, our GSTS operative will carry out their duties as directed by you, our client.

For further information on our front of house services, please call 0151 707 0007.


At GSTS, we understand the importance of asset protection within a logistics and industrial environment

From a military or police background, our management team have also worked in the logistics and industrial industry either as manned guarding users or service providers. Before coming to GSTS, our client relationship manager was responsible for security at four cargo centres for the world’s 2nd largest express logistics company.

It is our job to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring your buildings, equipment, vehicles, stock and people are safe, secure and accounted for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Control of pedestrian and vehicle access and egress as well as close monitoring of CCTV cameras and alarm systems, foot patrols supported by GPS devices as well as personnel and vehicle searches ensures that your premises are in safe hands.

Call our office today to discuss how our people can give you a tailored front of house solution: 0151 707 0007.


What if all your facilities needs could be managed by not just one company, but one service? At GSTS, we’ve made it our remit to help supply the requirements of your business without incurring the need for any complex or costly outsourcing.

Our Total Facilities Management Service is a one-stop 24/7 point of contact for you and your company to cover any and all of your maintenance needs. With years of experience and success both in a TFM capacity and as individual service providers, GSTS can supply you with a dedicated Contract Manager who will consistently devote their time to you and only you; for whatever and whenever you need.

From repair and maintenance to catering and cleaning, with our TFM Service every aspect of your facilities service needs will be met with fluency and effectiveness. Our cross-skilled team offer an interlinking management structure that has been deliberately streamlined to increase efficiency and reduce your overall costs.

In an increasingly competitive world the presentation of locations that have had obvious care and attention applied to them is a fundamental requirement for all businesses. Working with a trusted supplier such as GSTS who can deliver such standards of cleanliness allows you to focus your attention on what matters to you, the key delivery of your business.

Call us today to discuss your requirements: 0151 707 0007.


Reducing risk through meticulous planning

An assailant only has to be lucky once – a potential target must be lucky every day. With close protection support from GSTS, luck doesn’t come in to it.

We have been training Close Protection Operatives since 1997 and we have guarded some of the most high profile figures in the world – from high-net-worth clients (HNWC) to its greatest film and sports stars.

We work behind the scenes ensuring that your day to day activities are as normal as possible, with the assurance that we have conducted rigorous assessments of threat, risk, venue and location whether that be UK or abroad.

They know how our detailed technical planning and our discreet and comforting presence returns to them a highly precious commodity: normality.

Our Close Protection Operatives have operational experience in the military or police. All our operatives are SIA licenced, and screened and vetted to BS:7858.

This is a highly bespoke service. Please contact us for discreet and confidential advice: 0151 707 0007.


All GSTS ESSO officers undergo intensive training which is unique to GSTS and accredited by Open Awards

GSTS Enhanced Supervision Security Officers (ESSO) provide 1-2-1 secure care for vulnerable patients in any clinical setting. Staff are specifically chosen with the correct soft skills to make sure that they are perfectly equipped to manage potential challenging behaviour and avoid confrontation.

Officers provide real-time dynamic risk assessments and support healthcare staff, establishing a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and members of the public.

This ensures a caring and compassionate environment for vulnerable patients either diagnosed with mental health issues or who are at risk from self harm or are a risk to others.

Our staff are assigned to patients and deliver the necessary interventions to safeguard the welfare of medical staff so they can concentrate on delivering outstanding healthcare.

Where requested, they will also assist medical staff with securely transferring patients to alternative locations.


Where you need us, quickly

Quick, visible and responsive: our mobile security teams represent a major deterrent to criminals. They are also widely used for alarm response, void inspections, locks and unlocks and also as an extra precaution against fire, flood and criminal damage, to ensure that insurance criterias are met.

Many of our clients utilise security guards, CCTV and mobile response for that added level of security and reassurance.

Our teams are available to support you nationwide, too, so if your business has multiple locations then you will benefit from one point of contact and the uniformly high standards of GSTS-trained staff, wherever you may be.

Our staff can be tasked with:

– Detailed patrol inspections

– Alarm responses

– Locking/unlocking services

– Supervisory visits

– Emergency response

– Meter readings

– Traveller and squatter activity

Why not call us to discuss your requirements or obtain an immediate quotation? Call us on 0151 707 0007.


Your home is our castle

We support our clients with a discreet and expert residential security service, beginning with a detailed audit of their primary residence, offices or temporary accommodation, such as hotels or holiday homes. An initial full scale assessment gives an indication of any areas of risk or vulnerability including, intruder, fire and health and safety risks.

We can also carry out due diligence, recruit and interview household staff or other employees and contractors. All contractors can be escorted by our RST Residential Security Team.

Our role is clear: to protect clients in the one place they should be able to expect absolute peace and security. Our highly-trained and professional staff understand the need for the utmost discretion and are specifically trained in residential security and close protection.

This is a highly bespoke service – for a confidential discussion about your needs, call our team today on 0151 707 0007.


Covering all the bases

At GSTS we cover every base there is.  Quietly, professionally and with a great deal of skill and care.  Our clients receive the highest levels of service and discretion and rely on us to provide a range of highly specialised services.

If you need any of the following support, we have experts on hand to help you, wherever in the world you may be:

– Due diligence and financial investigations

– Internal security audits

– Security vulnerability

– Clear desk policy audits

– Threat assessment

– Surveillance specialists

– Penetration tests

– Private investigations

Whatever your need, we will have dealt with it. The fact that you won’t have heard of it should be all the reassurance you need. Call us today for a confidential discussion about your requirements on 0151 707 0007.

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