Energy Sector | Senior Executive Training

Our Head of Strategic Development – John Myles, outlines one of our bespoke courses aimed specifically at the energy industry

Freedom of speech is the power to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint or legal censorship and is enshrined in our democratic system. The right to protest by carrying out peaceful demonstrations is similarly protected under UK and European law (Brexit pending of course).

It seems that every decade has its specific protest groups. Each era has something that people feel so strongly about and are prepared to break the law and resort to violence to make their points heard. When they do so of course they risk arrest and imprisonment.

Experts say the drive for energy is always with us and this country will ultimately introduce fracking on a large scale. There are those who see it as a necessity and a good thing and those who see it as a real danger to the planet.

The energy industry at large is subject to attack by these demonstrators and at GSTS we feel that it is vitally important that senior executives have specific training in this area. The intention of these individuals is not only to stop activity at sites but to intimate staff. They have a policy of demonstrating not only at the site but also at premises of the supply chain.

In 2016, we dealt with two cases were executives were followed home from their place of work and had their vehicles and homes damaged. In one case an executive was confronted by activists who were hiding in his front garden.

This sinister activity cannot be anticipated and is of course extremely distressing for those who become victims of it.

Courses will take place at the location of your choice and will include specific training on:

– Background to Fracking activism

– Method of operating

– Counter surveillance techniques and measures

– Conflict Management

– Physical Intervention

– Threat assessment

This is a bespoke and highly confidential service. Please speak to our office on 0151 707 0007 to arrange an initial discussion.